Basic Assessment

What is it?

The Basic Assessment is a body baseline check-in of the fundamental movement patterns that originate at your feet. Whether or not you have problems with your body right now does not matter. It’s about if how you are moving now will give you problems later. We look at what all humans should be able to do – based on globally accepted benchmarks – and discover where problems may occur if your personal physical limitations and injury risks are not addressed.

“If you check-in and perform maintenance on your car or your bike more often than your own body you need to reconsider your priorities.”

Functional Movement Analysis

What do your basic movement patterns say about how your body functions?
Discover how your ability to squat, walk and balance affect your entire body AND why these movement patterns are important.

60 Minutes | 590 SEK

The Basic Assessment is the first step to creating awareness around where you are, start moving towards where you want to be and become more capable.


Individual Coaching

We can help you dive in. 

Start with one to eight personalised sessions created to fit your needs and goals. The sessions begin with a Comprehensive Assessment (consists of everything from the Basic Assessment plus more detailed tests) and baseline tests to identify your personal limitations (if you have already completed the Basic Assessment we focus on other areas). We then begin with the practical tools and exercises included in your personalised training plan that you will receive at the end of each session.