Physical Freedom &

MOVE. – do what you want… without pain and take control of your long-term health and wellbeing.

Where do I start?

Basic Assessment

It’s a check in with your body. 

An assessment of your foundational movement patterns, pain points and function from your feet to the top of your head – think: walk, squat and stand. We help uncover your personal limitations and evaluate potential injury risk before a problem arises. 

This is your first step toward achieving your personal movement capability goals.

60 Minutes  | 590 SEK

The next step

Individual Coaching

We can help you dive in. 

Start with one to eight personalised sessions created to fit your needs and goals. The sessions begin with a Comprehensive Assessment (consists of everything from the Basic Assessment plus more detailed tests) to identify your personal limitations (if you have already completed the Basic Assessment we focus on other areas). We then begin with the practical tools and exercises included in your personalised training plan that you will receive at the end of each session.

Choose a focus of: Human Movement, Running or Foot Function (or a mixture of all three) and receive one-on-one coaching and support achieving your goals.


Workplace Wellness Solutions

Is your organisation more sedentary than you would like it to be? Is your staff craving a new challenge and better health overall? You can shift from a harmful, sedentary lifestyle office to promoting a workplace for movement, wellbeing and productivity. 

Let’s be honest – Friskvårdsbidrag doesn’t work.


Sept 2022


Fotskola (AKA Foot School) is all about restoring the function in your feet.
An in-depth analysis of the state of your foot, ankle and hip function. Learn how these areas are connected, affect your entire body and the ways by which you move. Whether you have pain and problems with your feet, are new to minimalist (“barefoot”) shoes or an athlete looking to unleash hidden performance Foot School is for you. It’s a practical course that gives you the foundational tools to strengthen and maintain your own feet.

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