About Us

What is it?

MOVE. represents our fundamental need as humans for movement. We evolved to require movement in order to live happy, healthy and resilient lives. We need movement for our bodies and minds to function properly. MOVE is about helping you move well, move often and without pain.

Our Philosophy

Exercise ≠ Movement

If you are spending 6-14 hours a day sitting (the average), then NO amount of gym time is going to reverse the negative physical and mental effects of those long unbroken hours of sitting. Learn the fundamental principles of efficient movement and to care for your own body and fix the most common injuries for yourself. Implement the change and MOVE. Go beyond hard training at the gym (although depending on your goals that might be necessary too!)


Why focus on the feet?

Why a focus on the feet? Strong feet support a strong body. Feet are the foundation of the human body yet, one of the most ignored and abused areas. The majority of our time is spent moving on our feet, if they are weak, unstable, stiff or misaligned this impacts every system going up the body's chain. The body is a system of systems and the foundation is important.


Erik Svensson, Founder

Born in Sweden and raised in California and Arizona, Erik lived most of his life in the US before moving back to Sweden in 2015. His interest in health, performance and the body began in high school while competing in and coaching swimming. The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss was the seed that started it. Erik then continued his athletic swim career at the Arizona State University (Division 1) graduating with honors in Business Sustainability. He competed with the team for just under a year and then continued with his studies while competing in triathlons. Erik’s interests spread into other movement disciplines; running, climbing, biking, yoga, soccer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and coaching friends and family.

Back in Sweden to study Leadership for Sustainability his interest for movement began to merge with sustainability. The connection between the impact of our health and capability reaches into the community, social society and the world. Health impacts all the Three Pillars of Sustainability; Financial, Social and Environmental. Erik wrote his Master’s thesis on The Effects of Flexible Work Arrangements on Sedentary Behavior & Physical Activity: A Global Sustainability Issue. After graduating from Malmö University in Leadership for Sustainability, he launched MOVE. to focus on Workplace Wellness - since the MOVE. launch it has grown and expanded into areas including Movement, Running, and Foot Coaching.


Mobility | WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist

My Foot Function Practitioner

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