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Whether you want to eliminate pain, be a better runner, or simply move like a human, Individual Coaching is where the real change happens. The In-Depth Assessment, tailored towards your individual goals will cover the movement patterns that humans should be able to do and will identify where the focus of the sessions will be.

Individual Coaching gives you tools, habits and exercises you need to reach your physical goals and address your limitations and pain. Continued support through the process of change, becoming capable and receive updated training programs based on your progress.

Choose a Focus:

Foot Function

Your feet are the foundation of your body, yet they are one of the most neglected and abused parts. Modern shoes, sedentary lifestyles and supportive inlays all contribute to the weakening and deforming of our feet. Foot dysfunction affects your entire body and limits our ability for the natural movements that humans, regardless of age should be able to do. Walk and squat. A strong foundation makes a strong body.

Discover if your feet are functional with the My Foot Function footprint assessment and learn about the four purposes of the foot: stability, shock absorption, propulsion and protection. Restore natural capacity of your foot and ankle function, put an end to pain in your feet (maybe even knees, hips, back and neck!)


Rediscover natural and efficient running. Humans evolved to run – we are able to run farther than any other animal on earth.  So, why do 80% of runners get injured? 

Our bodies are designed to run in a specific way that utilises our biomechanics to our advantage. Specifically, the elasticity of our tendons, our natural body position and our adaptable and receptive feet. When you run in a way that uses the body improperly you will get injured. It’s just a matter of when. Become more efficient, increase recovery, decrease pain and reduce risk of injury.

Natural Movement Coaching

Natural Movement Coaching can make you more capable and able to do the things that you want and love to do. It’s learning to use and care for your body the way nature intended. Learn fundamental movement patterns, how to restore breathing mechanics and perform basic maintenance on yourself.

Run, walk, climb, hang, crawl, roll, throw, jump, squat, lift, carry, balance – be capable.

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